Monday, August 13, 2012

Mario's Italian Restaurant

Having our own flair for culture, we are huge lovers of Italian food.  We heard that Mario's was a lovely restaurant and decided to try it out as a romantic date night and birthday celebration.  While we did expect a high bill due to the online menu and the ambiance when we walked in, we also had high expectations of the food and service.

After being seated in a romantic booth, we were greeted by a friendly and knowledgable waiter who recommended a delicious bottle of wine, which we thoroughly enjoyed.  However, as soon as the food began to arrive, we were less than impressed.  For an appetizer, we decided to try the grilled calamari, which we generally love.  It was listed as their "specialty" so we wanted to see the "best" they had to offer.

When we began to dig in, the light breading peeled off into the a pool of grease and the calamari itself was overcooked and rubbery.

We thought it may be a fluke, so we moved on to the next course without any reservations.  For the salad course, we enjoyed a nicely grilled chilled caesar wedge and a special beet and goat cheese, both topped with fresh ingredients.  We were optimistic after this course, but when our entrees arrived, we began to doubt the freshness and abilities found in this kitchen.

We ordered "A Tour if Italy", which was comprised of chicken parmigaino, fettucine alfredo, and lasagna.  We also had an order of a special featured that evening, shrimp pescatore.  Both dishes had lovely presentation but when we bit into our choices, we were sadly disappointed.  Pasta was either overcooked, and seasoning was nonexistent.

We have both had many experiences with homemade and fine Italian dining, but this restaurant surely missed the point on both counts.  We were even more discouraged to come back to this restaurant when you take into account the high price for a meal we did not finish or care to take home with us.

For a menu and more information: Mario's

SavorySawickys give this edible experience 2 truffles out of 5.

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