Saturday, January 5, 2013


Local. Seasonal. Sustainable.  This is what Lento prides itself on and you can see it as soon as you walk in.  They have huge chalkboards that feature the local places their meats and vegetables come from.  Even their drinks use fresh ingredients, not typical flavored syrups that you might taste in most cocktails.

With a menu that changes everyday, you can go online after 5pm to see what the daily features will be or just walk in and be surprised. After sitting down at our table, we decided to share some appetizers before our entrees came out.

 For appetizers, we selected a few of the server's recommendations.  On the left we have fried cheese-stuffed olives, which were gone in a matter of minutes!  

Below we have dates in a fried pork-belly wrapping.  Out of this world.

Another favorite we wanted to experience at Lento was a beet and arugula salad.  We looked forward to the fresh, local ingredients and were not disappointed.

 One entree at our table was a personal fresh favorite, Salmon over a bed of spinach and a homemade latke. Local. Seasonable. Sustainable.

The fresh ingredients were evident and while we had to wait about 30 minutes past our reservation time, the food was delicious and staff was very pleasant.

SavorySawickys give this edible experience 4 truffles out of 5!

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