Saturday, January 5, 2013

Restaurant Good Luck

Our trip to Restaurant Good Luck was long overdue.  For months, we had heard from our friends about the originality of the atmosphere and quality of the food so we finally gave in and experienced it for ourselves.

The concept of the menu is unlike that of most restaurants you may experience.  For us, it was a bit confusing when looking at it online as the dishes are all "food to share".  However once we got there, our pleasant server clued us in to know we should order a dish for each person at the table +1.  It's similar to Tapas style but Restaurant Good Luck includes entrees as well as appetizer-sized dishes for a greater variety.

We started off the evening with the special autumn sangria, which was fruity and light.  It was great to sip on a flavor of the season while indulging in the atmosphere the restaurant provided.  The exposed brick walls and industrial feel was warm but artistic, as Restaitant Good Luck is smack-dab in the middle of the art district of Rochester.

As we went with another couple, we each chose one dish from the menu that intrigued us and shared each as they came out, one at a time.

First up was an order of Octopus a la Plancha.  It was light, fresh and delicious.  We have experienced grilled octopus at other restaurants and this was one of the best preparations we've tasted!  We couldn't wait to see the second dish that would follow this.

Next was the Pan-roasted Arctic Char, which is similar to Salmon.  It came with a healthy side of cauliflower, leeks, red potatoes and was drizzled in a red wine sauce.  A savory choice!

The third course consisted of a special, not featured on that evening's menu.  Pulled rabbit meat topped with apple chunks over a mashed polenta.  By far, our favorite dish of the night.

Lastly, we finished out the meal with a Good Luck Burger of grass-fed beef, high quality cheddar cheese, and a side of fresh fries.  It was sliced into 4's so we could all enjoy Restaurant Good Luck's take on the classic American burger.

After concluding our meal, we looked back on all the ravings from our friends, and we realized how crazy we were for waiting so long to dine at this great establishment!

We have since returned to this restaurant and are happy to report that the quality we experienced during our first visit was no fluke! We tried different dishes, including some specials and were pleasantly surprised by Good Luck's ability to transcend between multiple ethnic cuisines. 


 Fall off the bone pork shank with BBQ lentils

SavorySawickys gives this edible experience 4.5 truffles out of 5!

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